Foothills of Almaty (at an altitude of 2100 m)

Information about tour:

Issyk Lake: Issyk Lake in the gorge of Zailiysky Alatau is about 40 km east of Almaty. According to geologists, it was formed approximately 8-10 thousand years ago as a result of a grandiose mountain collapse, which created a natural dam about 300 meters high.

Medeo: High-altitude sports complex, located in the high-mountainous meadow Medeu at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level, just below the Chimbulak mountain resort.

Small Almaty: River in Almaty, the right tributary of the Kaskelen River. It originates from Tuyuksu glaciers of the Zailiysky Alatau range. The length is 125 km.

Big Almaty: River in Almaty and Almaty region, right tributary of the Kaskelen River. The river starts from two sources – powerful glaciers. The length is 96 km.

The flight is carried out on the following aircraft:

BC Festival R40F - flight duration - 1 hour, 40 minutes - 1 passenger

BC Cessna 172 - flight duration - 1 hour, 40 minutes - 3 passengers

BC Cessna 206 - flight duration - 1 hour, 20 minutes - 5 passengers