Khan-Tengri peak (without landing) – Charyn canyon (with landing)

 Khan-Tengri peak (without landing) - Charyn canyon (with landing)

Information about tour:

Unforgettable flight, which you can give yourself and your loved ones. Those who visited the Charyn canyon could admire its beauties only from below. And you have a unique opportunity to see the temple of Nature in all its splendor.

Next on the route will be a handsome Khan-Tengri (Lord of Spirits). It is considered one of the most beautiful peaks of the Central Tien Shan. This famous peak is the highest point of Kazakhstan (6,995 m). The mountain is located on the border of three states - China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The top of Khan-Tengri is very difficult to conquer, it does not cease to attract climbers and adventurers. You also have a unique chance to conquer Khan-Tengri from the sky.

The flight is carried out on the following aircraft:

EC 120 B (004) - flight duration - 4 hours 20 minutes - 4 passengers

AS 350 V3- flight duration - 4 hours - 5 passengers

EU 130 B4- flight duration - 4 hours - 6 passengers