Ethno tour in Almaty: hospitality and respect for every guest

 Ethno tour in Almaty: hospitality and respect for every guest

6 days / 5 nights

April to October

This tour will introduce you with main crafts of Kazakh nation, you will visit camel farm, Kazakh berkutchi family, the center of transhumance and ride a horse. Thanks to this tour route you will understand what real Kazakh hospitality means.

Day 1. Almaty – Tamgaly - Almaty

Meeting with guide in Almaty and drive to Camel Farm (2 hours, about 200 km). Tasting of the national drink, made from camel milk named “shubat’. Lunch during excursion at farm.

Drive to Tamgaly via Khanshengely about 70 km. Excurison in Tamgaly - The biggest and known collection of petroglyphs of Kazakhstan, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the tract Tamgaly. It is the most famous center of the 50 centers of petroglyphs of Zhetysu, at the basin of Lake Balkhash.

Return back to Almaty. Overnight at hotel.

Meal: lunch


Day 2. Almaty – Gunny ethno center - Almaty

Breakfast. Departure to Gunny ethno center (40 km from Almaty)

Ethno center "Gunny" - is theatrical show of a way of life, traditions and customs of nomadic Kazakh people. We have tried to transfer the aura of the past, which is stored in the history of our present, and realized all this in the creation of the base. Lunch at the base. There are following attractions: horseback riding with an instructor, photo in national costumes, archery, national dance show.

After show at ethno center depart to Almaty. Transfer to hotel. Overnight.

Optionally: different types of master class on Kazakh traditional craft.

Meal: lunch

Price is per person:

2 pax – 1381 usd per pax
4 pax –979 usd per pax
6 pax – 745 usd per pax
8 pax – 665 usd per pax
10 pax – 587 usd per pax

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Day 3. Almaty – Chilik – Shalkode 

08.00 Departure from Almaty to Chilik (about 150 km, 2.5 hours)

12.00 Arrival to the Chilik village. Here you will have a lunch in a Kazakh family, try national dishes. There you can feel by yourself hospitality of Kazakhs. The locals are descendants of Berkutchi, and you will have a unique opportunity to see the Golden Eagle show, and even take a picture with them. Since ancient times hunting with a hunting bird was not only a way of trophy hunting, as well as art and entertainment at the same time. It has not lost its importance even now. On November 16, 2010 hunting with hunting birds was included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

After lunch transfer to the Shalkode Valley (200 km, 3 hours). Shalkodesu Valley - is the center of transhumance, or as the Kazakhs say, it is zhailau. There is so beautiful in zhailau in summer, high grass and fresh air. From their ancestors - nomadic tribes and peoples inhabiting the expanses of Eurasia - Kazakhs inherited the yurt. This portable home according to its structure most suits to the nomadic way of life, and according to the design it has no equal. After long, harsh winter days, in the summer on the zhailau you can see the yurts of the shepherds. They bring cattle here. Here and there goats and sheep are grazing. A variety of relief forms make this place the best for rest.

Zhailau is a place for rest for the soul and body. Every guest here is pleasant, so they are greeted here as sincerely and cordially as the urban residents are rarely able to. Zhailau is also a good resting place for children who through life on the nature can understand the nomadic way of life of Kazakhs, traditions and craft.

Dinner at local resident’s home. Overnight in tents or in a yurt.

Meal: lunch, dinner


Day 4. Shalcode - Dardamty

Breakfast. You will go on a horse tour to the Dardamty tour base. On the way, you can observe wild animals such as maral, Siberian roe deer, Siberian ibex, wild boar, wolf, fox, badger, hare, from birds: ular, black grouse, cactus. The untouched wild nature of indescribable beauty, fresh air will make you love this place once and forever.

In the evening arrival to the base. You can visit sauna here.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5. Dardamty

Breakfast. Early observation of animals with binoculars, since they are most active at this time of day. Departure on horseback for a tour of the surroundings. Photo safari.

The weather in the Ketmen Mountains is changing rapidly: cold rain, then hot heat. The trees can blossom in the foothills, and on the shady slopes and peaks even in summer will be snow. But the temperature drops cannot prevent anyone who wants to enjoy the silence and walk along the animal trails of these mountains.

Arrival to the guesthouse in Dardamty gorge. Rest, dinner.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 6. Dardamty - Almaty

08.00 Breakfast. After collecting the things, you will say goodbye to the horses and drive by car to Almaty (310 km, 5 hours)

For those who wish, a stop is possible in Chungja, which is known for its underground springs of mineral waters and clear steppe air. Water in springs has medicinal properties. Its composition, which is heated by active volcanic processes to a temperature of 37-50 ° C, includes radon, which in small doses gives a good health effect.

15.00 Arrival in Almaty

Meal: breakfast, lunch

 Please see below prices for tour

Price is per person:

2 pax – 1381 usd per pax

4 pax –979 usd per pax

6 pax – 745 usd per pax

8 pax – 665 usd per pax

10 pax – 587 usd per pax

Price included:

Transport service

English speaking guide service

Cook service

Accm at guesthouse – 2 nights (full board)

Accm at tents – 1 night (full board) - single tent

Entrance fee to tourist attractions

Horse riding through tour

Meal mentioned in program

Price didn’t include:

Accm at hotel in Almaty

Meal not mentioned in program

Visa support – 45 usd per pax

Other services