Golden Eagle Performance


1 day


Hunting with a golden eagle is one of the most ancient attractions of our ancestors. Petroglyphs depicting this action were found on the walls of caves in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. These three countries and today remain the last nooks on the planet, where locals still practice this craft. In past centuries, hunting with a bird for people was not a tribute to traditions, but a way of getting food.
Taking part in this tour, you will get acquainted with the history of the berkutchi (eagle hunter), hunting methods with golden eagles and basic techniques. A professional berkutchi will tell you about the stages of familiarizing a bird with a hunt, about the difficulties of education. Berkutchi since ancient times has the innate gift of training wild birds. The experience of learning for centuries was passed on from father to son and was kept in deep secrecy. This is a whole philosophy and even, one might say, a way of life.

Tour Schedule:
08.30 Meeting with the guide in Almaty.
09.00 Departure towards the village, where the performance will be held (160 km, 2 hours).
11.00 Arrival to the village. Meeting with local berkutchi. Visit the house-museum of Berkutchi, where a complete information about the history of this type of national hunting is held. Here are stored samples of unique equipment, numbering more than two dozen exhibits.
12.00 Departure to the field, where a demonstration show will take place. Here berkutchi shows his skills to manage these birds of prey. During the presentation you will be able to see the golden eagle, falcon, hawk and tazi (hunting breed of dog), as well as make stunning photographs on the beautiful background of the Kazakh mountains. The total duration of the show: 2 hours.
Each bird was designed to hunt specific types of animals. Besides foxes, eagles usually catch Korsaks and hares, and also turned out to be good for hunting ungulates and even wolves. Hawks are used to hunt geese and bustards. Sparrow hawks are usually used to hunt hares. Falcons are great for hunting small birds.
13.00 Lunch in lunchboxes: sandwich, salad, boiled egg, waffles, juice, apple, banana
15.00 Return to Almaty
17.00 Arrival to Almaty

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