Tulip tours

8 days / 7 nights

April 1 to 30

According to the researchers, the territory of modern Kazakhstan is the center of origin and spread of the tulip. Because of the 64-known species of Central Asian tulips in Kazakhstan, there are 34 species (as nowhere!). They cover the whole territory of the republic with a wonderful carpet every spring. And this, without exaggeration - the largest flower bed on Earth! During this tour we will try to show you as many kinds of tulips as possible.

Day 1.

Arrival to Almaty, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation.

Meal: ---

Day 2. Almaty - Kapshagay - Kapshagai Reservoir (85 km)

Arrival to Almaty, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation.

Drive Almaty - Kapshagay - Kapshagai Reservoir (85 km). After police post in the Kapshagai walk towards Albert Tulips (Tulipa alberti Regel). Immediately after the bridge over the reservoir Kapshagai walk for Bema tulips (Tulipa behmiana Regel). Moving to higher ground in the vicinity of recreational areas, walking for Bema tulips (Tulipa behmiana Regel), passing plant onions Ili, Eremopyrom bounapartis, Eremopyrom orientale, Eremopyrom triticum, Chordeum spontaneum.

Lunch - Lunch boxes. Moving to the tract Tamgaly Tas (19 km). With tracks Kapshagay - Bakanas we turn left and soon descend into the wide valley of the Ili River, with the descent is clearly visible blue ribbon of the river Ili. Arrival in the tract Tamgaly-Tas. Walk around Tamgaly-Tas. Inspection and photographing of rock Buddha image. Rise to the panoramic platform, it offers a beautiful view of the northern part of the Ili River, discover the beauty of nature. Return to the river. Transfer: Tamgaly-Tas - Kapshagai - Kapshagay city - Almaty (115 km). Arrival to Almaty, transfer to hotel accommodation. Dinner and overnight.

Meal: lunch

Day 3. Almaty - the village Sams - settlement Targap - Korday pass - village Korday - Merke village (357 km).

Breakfast. Almaty - the village Samsy - settlement Targap - Korday pass (165 km). Our way from Almaty lies to the west on the highway Almaty - Tashkent, we pass small villages Samsy and Targap, after the turn of the village Otar road climbs to the pass Kordai. On the way along the road can meet Kolpakovsky tulips (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel).

Stopping on the pass Kordai. Walk for tulips Ostrovsky, photographing (Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel), passing the plant. Here you can see the following plant species: Ephedra equisetina, Tamarix ramosissima, various kinds of Allium, Astragalus, Inula macrophylla and Glycirrhiza uralensis. Tulipa Kolpakovskiana, Tulipa Ostrovskiana, Tulipa bifloriformis variety of tulip Alberti, ephemera family Berberidaceae - Leontice ewersmanii, Ephedra equisetina Rheum maximoviczii, presented Geraniaceae family - Biebersteinia multifida and Geranium transversale. Lunch on the way. Moving: Korday pass - village Korday - Merke village (192 km). Arriving to the village Merke, accommodation in hotel. Dinner at the hotel, leisure, overnight.

Meal: lunch, dinner

Day 4. Merke village - Merke gorge - Akyrtas - Taraz (223 km).

Breakfast. Moving to Merke gorge (16 km). Walk around the seismological station to Zinaida tulip (Tulipa Zenaidae), here in front of the station on the side you can see the Greig's tulips (Tulipa Greigii) and on the way to the bridge can be seen Ostrovsky tulip (Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel). In the gorge Merke we will have an amazing and wonderful meetings with such species of plants as Eremurus tianschanicus and Delphinium ilinse blooming at this time, with all kinds of flower colors and Rheum maximoviczii Leontice ewersmanii, relict grove Abelia corymbosa (Caprifoliaceae) and Celtis caucasica. Different color options tulip Zinaida's and early blooming tulip Gregii personality and small racemes binutans tulips and tulip Kolpakovsky (Tulipa Koolpakovskiana).

Also other types of plants: Paeonia hybrida, Lonicera, Rosa and Cotoneaster. Away from the gorge Merke left of the road we can meet Kolpakovsky tulip (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel). Moving: gorge Merke - Merke village - ruins of the palace Akyrtas (144 km). Walk around the settlement Akyrtas here on the hill Tortkul among the excavations of the ancient city we see Greig's tulips (Tulipa Greigii) and close to the ruins Akyrtas Kolpakovsky tulips (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel). Walk on the mound, and the palace complex Tortkul Akyrtas. Moving: fort Akyrtas - Taraz (47 km). Arrival in Taraz city, transfer to hotel accommodation. Rest, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5. Taraz - The reserve Aksu-Zhabagly, a trip to the Aksu Canyon (161 km).

Breakfast. Transfer from Taraz to Aksu-Zhabagly. The first tour in the nature reserve Aksu Zhabagly. Moving: the village Zhabagly - Eltay settlement - settlement Iirsu - Canyon Aksu (Aksu canyon plateau in the vicinity of Jaeger cordon 1620 meters above sea level) (25 km). The descent into the canyon to the Aksu River takes 30 - 40 minutes. A walk around the canyon, where we observe flora of Aksu canyon. It presents unique plant species: (Juniperus seravschanica, J. Semiglobosa, J. Turkestanica), endemiki reserve Betula Talassica. We will meet different kinds of options Allium, including Allium pskemense and A. Karataviense. You will see Ungernia sewerzowii, Ixiolirion tataricum (amaryllidaceae); more than 10 species of Astragalus (endemic species of the Western Tien Shan) i - A. Ugamicus, A. Aschuturi and A. Abolinii); 5 species of Ferula; Tulips Kaufmanniana and T. Dasystemonoides; Tulips Gregii, Turkestanica, endemichnye kinds of Western Tien Shan Scutellaria lulata, Oxytropis talassicus, Stephanocaryum olgae. Sergia sewerzowii, Trachelanthus korolkovi enemichnye and plant species in the Karatau Range - Olgaea pectinata, Trichanthemis radiata, flowering ornamental plant Morina kokanica.

Flowering spurs and ridges of Karzhantau Saryaydyr presented incomparable plant species – “shed tears” Juniperus semiglobosa and rare relict species Enonymus koopmannii. Alpine plant species - phryganas - with the dominant species - Onobrychis echidna, Acantholimon albert. You meet with the endemic species of the Western Tien Shan - Cynoglossum capusii, with a rare plant species Berberis integerrima and Aconitum talassicum, blooming Iris sogdiana and I.korolkovii. Colchicum luteum, Gagea jaschei and G. Dshungarica, meet higher plants the alpine zone - Valeriana fedtschenkoi, Potentilla hololeuca, Oxytropis caespitosula and O. Immersa. Lunch in the canyon. Lifting of the canyon takes 1 to 1,5 hours. Aksu River Canyon is a beautiful and picturesque corner of nature reserve. Return to the village Zhabagly. Dinner and overnight in a guest house.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

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Day 6. The reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Horse riding in the gorge Kishi-Kaindy (24 km).

Breakfast. Moving to the top of the area on horseback (5 km). Going on horseback to the field base of lodge botanists Kishi-Kaindy 1,800 meters above sea level (7 km). Lunch - boxes. Botanical walk around the house nerds, walk to the waterfall on the river Kishi-Kaindy. Return to the hotel on horseback. Transfer to the village Zhabagly. Dinner and overnight in a guest house.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7. The reserve Aksu-Zhabagly - Canyon Mashat (136 km).

Breakfast. Moving: Zhabagly village - a village Turar Ryskulov (Vannovka) - Kershetas village - Mashat Canyon (65 km). Arrival to Mashat Canyon, walks in the surrounding canyon, here we see the tulip Kaufman (Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel), tulip Greig (Tulipa greigii Regel), spiny dogfish Kochi (Katran Severtsova) (Crambe kotschyana Boiss), almonds barbed (Amygdalus spinosissima Bunge), onions karatavsky (Allium karataviense Regel). Moving to the plateau above the canyon Mashat (3 km). Lunch. Walking over the canyon Mashat, here we encounter endemic tulip, which is found only in the canyon Mashat - Lemercier tulip (Tulipa lemmersii), Greig Tulip (Tulipa greigii Regel). On the edge of a cliff with beautiful views of the canyon Mashat and northern spurs of the Talas Alatau. Tour ends. Return to Zhabagly village (68 km). Dinner. End of the program in the reserve Aksu Zhabagly. Moving: Zhabagly village - Tyulkubas railway station (18 km). Departure by train to Almaty, the night on the train.

Meal: breakfast, lunch

Day 8. Almaty city tour-departure

Arrival to Almaty.

Meeting with the guide and transfer to city tour.

City tour starts from visit of Panfilov Park, named after the 28 Panfilov guards from Almaty, who died heroically defending Moscow against the Nazi invasion in 1941, the world’s most elevated wooden church, Zenkov Cathedral, Green bazar and the central mosque, passing the modern highlights of the city: futuristic and busy Al Farabey street, the presidential palace, Monument of Independence.

Lunch at local restaurant

Transfer to Medeo gorge, where you will have a brief stop on the huge Medeo dam, which protects the city from destructive mudflows formed on the tops of the western Tien Shan.

Medeo - Shymbulak cable car (gondola, way up)

- mountain ski resort Shymbulak- - amazing views of the snow peaks and the Tien-Shan mountains .

The Ski Resort Chimbulak is located on a picturesque valley in the Zailiyskiy Alatau within the height 2260 m above sea level, 25 km from the center of Almaty.

Transfer to visit Kok-Tobe mountain (the highest point of the city, located at height of 1100 meters above sea level. From top the surprising panorama on mountains and the city opens) where TV-tower is located by cable car (from Kok Tobe by minibus).

20:00 transfer to airport for flight home

Meal: ---