Unexplored places in Almaty region

5 days, 4 nights

April - October

During this tour you will visit the Issyk lake (the place where the Golden Man was found), the Turgen waterfalls, the amazing Bartogai reservoir, the attractions of the Charyn canyon and relax on the hot springs.

Day 1. Almaty - Issyk Lake - Turgen

Meeting with a guide in Almaty. Transfer to Issyk Lake - (65 km) - here were found many archaeological sites, burial mounds, cemeteries of the Golden Man. Visit Issyk Museum.

Lunch at Issyk. After lunch departure to Turgen gorge (25 km)

Turgen Gorge is one of the outstanding sightseeing in the Ili-Alatau National Park. It is located 70 km from the center of Almaty.

In the gorge there is an opportunity to enjoy trout fishing, see unique waterfalls and forest expanses. In the forest gorge there are many different coniferous and larch trees, alpine and subalpine meadow fields, lakes, springs. The Tien Shan fir trees, thickets of barberry, wild rose, wild raspberries and currants grow along the Turgen river bed.

During the tour through the Turgen gorge, you will have the opportunity to rent horses and ride on the spacious loess terrain of the Turgen gorge.

Bear's Waterfall is located 1 km from the road that passes through the gorge. A mountain path leads from the road to the waterfall. It is the closest and most popular of the Turgen waterfalls. Getting to the waterfall is not difficult.

After visiting the waterfall Medvezhy move to the site of Batan, where you can stay in the guest house and spend a pleasant evening surrounded by wildlife.

In addition: horse riding and rafting

Meal: lunch, dinner

Day 2. Turgen - Bartogai - Soghetty Valley


Transfer to the Bartogay reservoir (120 km, 2 hours).

The amazingly beautiful Bartogay reservoir is located 186 km from Almaty in the floodplain of the Chilik river between the Toraigyr and Soghetta mountains, fenced by a 60-meter stone-bulk dam of 60 meters in height, 330 meters long with a complex of culverts. The Bartogay reservoir was created to store water in the winter and feed the fields in the summer along a canal 160 km long

Here, lovers of fishing can fish. And lovers of picnics in the fresh air, can relax in the shade of trees in a small grove where there are tables and benches specially for these purposes

Transfer to the Soghetta Valley, where we will arrange a rest and spend the night in tents.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3. Soghetty Valley - Charyn

Breakfast. Transfer to Charyn Canyon. (53 km, 1 hour)

Charyn Canyon is sometimes called the "little brother" of the Grand Canyon. Little it can be called only because of the size, but it can be offset by the stunning beauty of the natural complex. The canyon is 154 km long and 300 m deep.

While visiting the Charyn canyon you can enjoy a stunning view of the huge gorge with rocks of different colors. The canyon is part of the territory of the Charyn National Park, and you will have the opportunity to see the valley of castles with rocks like towers. Despite the long journey, the beauty of the Canyon will make you forget it.

Also, in the lower reaches of the Charyn River, in the foothills of the desert, where the banks of the canyon are much lower and diverge to the sides, there is a living monument of nature - the ash-tree grove. The grove covers an area of 4855 hectares, and its length along the riverbank is 25 km. In the territory of the grove, mainly grows Ash Sogdiana, whose forest massif is the only one of its kind in Kazakhstan. Ash Sogdiana is a tree about ten meters high, the thickness of the trunks can reach 10 "girths".

Dinner by the fire. Overnight in tents.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4. Charyn - Bugutty Range - Chungja  

Breakfast. Drive to the Bugutty ridge near the canyon.

Bugutty is located at the east of Almaty - between Zailiysky Alatau and Charyn. In the heart of the mountains, in the intermontane valley between the ridges of Ulken Bugutta and Bala Bugutta there is a surprisingly beautiful and unusual tract of Kyzyl Zhar.

The Kyzyl Zhar tract is divided into two areas - Azhyr Zhar and Ak Zhar. Azhyr Zhar is a tectonic ledge that rises above the paleovolcanic landscape of brown and violet tuffs (petrified ash) - products of ancient eruptions. The reddish layers formed at a time when all of Zhetysu was a hot savannah. In the Zhetysu savanna grazed hipparions (small three-toed horses), rhinoceroses, mastodons, giraffes, saigas, gazelles, hunted saber-toothed tigers and hyenas. Their bone remains can now be found in these layers.

Ak Jar, located three kilometers to the east, is named because of the widespread white clay deposits of the Ili Lake, which existed several million years ago in the place of the Ili Valley. There are also oases here - a dozen deserted willows-wench with springs of mineral water. Under the oldest century-old willow-wench - a layer of fallen dry leaves, on which you can walk like a feather bed. Its thick branches, cracked under its own weight, leaned against the surrounding rocks and continue to grow, as if nothing had happened. A few kilometers from the oasis there is a volcanic plateau of the Carboniferous period with small canyons, "carved" in ancient lavas and tuffs of brown and gray flowers.

This tract is the habitat of Siberian ibex, so you are most likely to be able to observe this animal live.

After lunch, departure to Chungja (95 km, 2 hours)

Chungja is known for its underground sources of mineral waters and clear steppe air. Water in springs has medicinal properties. Its composition, which is heated by active volcanic processes to a temperature of 37-50 ° C, includes radon, which in small doses gives a good health effect.

Accommodation in a guest house, rest. Dinner and overnight.

Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5. Chundja - Almaty

Breakfast. Free time.

After lunch, departure to Almaty (245 km, 4 hours).

18.00 Arrival to Almaty.

Meal: breakfast, lunch

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