Horse tour at the Tien Shan mountains

12 days/ 11 nights

June - October

During this tour, tourists can learn about the history of ancient Kazakhstan, ride horses on the most popular destinations of Almaty region, such as Turgen waterfalls, Assy plateau, Kolsai lake and Kaiyndy.

Day 1. Almaty - Issyk Museum - Batan Tract (100 km)

09.00 Departure from Almaty

11.00 Arrival to Issyk (70 km). Visit Issyk Museum.

Transfer to the Bear Falls. Dinner. Walk around the neighborhood.

16.00 Arrival to the base at the tract Batan. Overnight in the guest house.

Day 2. Batan tract (5 km)


Practice horse riding. Training departures. Crossing the river. Rise and descent from the mountain. Overnight at the base.

Day 3. Batan tract - Buzgul river - Chinturgen dachas - Kairak waterfall - Oi-Karagai tract (10 km)

Breakfast. Departure on horseback in the direction of the Kairak waterfall. Rise along the Buzgul River, where we can see relict Chinturgen dachas covered with permafrost. Lunch and photo session at the waterfall.

Rise above the waterfall on foot, without horses.

Exit to the Oi-Karagay tract, where a tent camp will be set up. Overnight stay

Day 4. Oi-Karagai tract - Don Zhailau tract - Assy plateau - Assy observatory (15 km)

Departure on horseback to the Don-Jailau stow, through which we will be able to get to the Assy plateau. Rise to the observatory. Overnight stay

Day 5. Assy Plateau - Kara-Archa Tract (10 km)

Breakfast. Horseback riding to the Kara-Archa tract. Fishing. Overnight stay

Day 6. Kara-Archa tract - Issyk-Asu pass - Zhinishke river (20 km)

Breakfast. Horse breeders with horses leave early in the morning through the pass. The rest of the group rides cars to the river. Overnight in the valley of the river Zhinishke

Day 7. Zhinishke River - Amanzhol Plateau (8 km)

Breakfast. Transfer from the valley of the river Zhinishke to the Amanzhol plateau. Overnight stay

Day 8. Amanzhol Plateau - Chilik River - Kolsai 1 (7 km)

Breakfast. Transfer on horses down to the valley of the river Chilik. Further transfer to the lake Kolsay 1. Overnight.

Day 9. Kolsai 1 - Lake Kolsai 2 - Kolsai 1 (23 km)

Breakfast. Horse riding to the lake Kolsai 2. Return to Kolsai 1. Overnight in the valley of the lake.

Day 10. Lake Kolsay 1- village Kaiyndy (23 km)

Breakfast. Departure to the river Kaiyndy. Overnight on the river bank.

Day 11. River Kaiyndy - Lake Kaiyndy (20 km)

Breakfast. Transfer by horse to Lake Kaiyndy. Photo session and lunch. Overnight on the lake

Day 12. Saty Village - Almaty (290 km)

Breakfast. Return to Almaty.

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