Eagle hunting and visiting the Valley of Castles

Eagle hunting and visiting the Valley of Castles


2 days / 1 night


During this tour you will be able to participate in the hunt with specially prepared hunting birds of prey, and plunge into the historical life of the Kazakh people. You will see how golden eagles and falcons live, and also visit Berkutchi’s home. The next day you will go to the Valley of Castles, the rocky deposits resembling in form towers, which seems to be created by unknown giants.

Day 1.
08.00 Meeting with the guide in Almaty. Departure towards the village, where the hunt will be held (160 km, 2 hours).
10.00 Arrival to the village of Nura. Meeting with the local berkutchi. Visit the house-museum of Berkutchi, where a complete information about the history of this type of national hunting is held. Here are stored samples of unique equipment, numbering more than two dozen exhibits
11.00 Departure to the field, where the hunting with the golden eagle will take place, where first the berkutchi will show his skills in controlling the bird. After the expansive hunt, mounted on horses, you will go hunting together, after which you will get a complete picture of the traditional eagle hunting, which has distant historical roots.
13.00 Traditional Kazakh lunch in nature: hot dish (beshbarmak or syrne), baursaks, kurt, butter, sour cream, zhent, kymyz, shubat.
14.00 Continuation of the hunt.
17.00 After catching the loot, return to the village where you will visit the berkutchi house. Here you will see how golden eagles, falcons, hawks and tazy live and what they eat. And then, try a delicious dinner.
19.00 Accommodation in the guest house. Overnight stay

Day 2.
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Departure to the Charyn canyon.
10.00 Arrival to the Charyn canyon.
Charyn canyon will not leave anyone indifferent. Not a single description of the Charyn canyon, not even the most high-quality photograph, conveys the amazing picture that comes before the eyes of travelers who come every year to admire its incredible “architecture”. It's easier to see once than hear a hundred times.
You can enjoy a 2-hour tour of the Charyn Canyon to the Charyn River, where there are protected forests. Here grows one of the most unique trees on earth - Sogdian ash, which existed during the Paleogene era. Ash Grove is a specially protected natural monument under the auspices of UNESCO.
14.00 Lunch in lunchboxes.
15.00 Return to Almaty.
18.00 Arrival to Almaty

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