China Outbound Travel Market

Kazakhstan’s tourism potential was presented in China. 12 tour operators along with representatives of the Almaty Mayor Office and Kazakh Tourism Company took part in the annual international exhibition – “China Outbound Travel Market.” According to experts, the potential of business tourism have grown in Astana and Almaty in recent years. Many tourists prefer to travel to historical and cultural tours around Kazakhstan and to the legendary Baikonur Cosmodrome. The Kazakh and China tour operators have signed several agreements on cooperation during the exhibition. The opportunities of eco and ethno tourism, as well as active recreation in the country were demonstrated at the Kazakhstan stand. The Batyrs played by actors of the Arlan Theater as well as performers of national music and dances have attracted visitors to the national pavilion.


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  1. 相当精彩的博客,羡慕哦!

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